On October 3rd, 2009, I married my best friend and a soulmate. In the two years from engagement to wedding I spent a little bit of time trying to unearth what modern Hellenic polytheists were doing in the realm of wedding worship: sadly, I didn't find much. After some not-so-subtle clues in the course of that time and beyond, I came to realize that this is the area which the Olympians would like me to aim my research on and expand upon.

A marriage is a very solemn and special occasion, and often a seriously religious person wants to include their god(s) in the event. A marriage today is not only a binding together of two people legally, it is a joining of two souls spiritually. One of the Delphic Maxims, held by many modern Hellenic polytheists as our "religious code" today, is "Intend to marry." I never understood how something held as such a significant event in life could be so woefully under-represented in our community, and I aim to help represent it.

This section of my website is not simply for those looking to do a complete Hellenismos-style wedding, but rather for anybody looking to incorporate elements. My husband and I had an entirely non-religious wedding (he does not follow my beliefs), but I still made offerings and said prayers, and blessed and charged certain items, and I know that I would have appreciated a collection of ideas and hymns and prayers for the occasion to borrow from. I wish to give such a resource to my community.

If you have any articles, hymns, prayers, Hellenismos-inspired ceremonies, or anything else that you think would be a nice contribution to this site, please pass it along! I want this to be a community resource including community contributions. You will be credited for everything you submit, or you can be entirely anonymous if you so choose. Just as with questions, there are no stupid/silly contributions--I promise! Navigation of the main site is through the boxes in the header image, while navigation of this marriage section is through the links at the bottom of these pages.

- Lindsay
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